Suzanne E. Grandchamp

Experienced Family Law and Divorce Attorney

I trust Suzanne Grandchamp as my divorce attorney, as she has much experience, is personable and has been a strong voice for me when I’ve not been able to do that for myself. Suzanne has always been open to my needs and has done her best in representing me.

The best part of working with Suzanne was the openness and flexibility her law office has shown with my needs. I can’t think of a single thing I would change. I have recommended Suzanne before and would do so again!

Shamurla S.

I received valuable, accurate, and solid legal advice at a reasonable price. I recommend Suzanne Grandchamp as a divorce lawyer.

Jonathan K.

Suzanne was a tremendous asset and very compassionate while going thru my divorce.  Her collaborative style minimized my legal fees and made the separation much easier on both of us.  My spouse did not even seek legal advice as Suzanne made the process very understandable and logical on all aspects.  Her legal staff was also very pleasant and great to work with. I would consider everyone at the firm to be my friends after this life altering event.

Braydon L.

The staff was very friendly and helpful…Suzanne was amazing!

Alyssa F.

I had the best divorce attorney in Minnesota! Look no further and go and see Suzanne Grandchamp. When my world fell apart, I could barely function and would not have been able to fight for myself without the help of Suzanne Grandchamp. She is a very knowledgeable and compassionate attorney and was always available by phone or email. She stayed on top of every detail and was very effective in dealing with the opposing attorney. Suzanne genuinely cares for her clients and I cannot thank her enough for all she did for me.

Matt B.

Suzanne Grandchamp showed genuine caring throughout the process.

Amber G.

[Suzanne Grandchamp] understood my needs and worked to achieve them.

Sean W.

I have used Ms Grandchamp not once, but twice to obtain a divorce. Unfortunate as it is to divorce, it was a smooth process both times with this family law firm. Suzanne is REAL, likable, on target and I felt well represented.

Daniel B.

I highly recommend [Suzanne Grandchamp’s] services. Suzanne was great to work with. She went through a lot of ups and downs with us while I was adopting my step-children, but she NEVER gave up. Suzanne always had a solution to the barrage of problems and questions we went through, and was always willing to listen.

Tom L.

Rebecca J. Guyette

Experienced Family Law and Divorce Attorney

Not only was Rebecca quick to respond to my questions, empathetic to my frustrations, and highly knowledgeable about the legal process, she (perhaps most importantly) was encouraging to me when I needed it more than ever before. She empowered me when I had to make difficult moves and was unsure of my abilities. It is one thing to have counsel who knows their stuff, but when they also inspire you during your darkest days, you are in a good place.”

Julia S.

Professional, caring, knowledgeable and supportive family law attorney! My questions were always answered and explained. I couldn’t of landed in better hands to handle my case. Rebecca Guyette has made me whole again after difficult times. I will forever be thankful.
Veronique B.

I have worked with Rebecca over the last few years on a very difficult divorce. She is very well respected in this field and works with incredible integrity and diligence. While she provides you excellent representation, she always has your overall well-being in mind and really connects with you on a personal level. I have always felt that she genuinely cares about me and gives me the comfort of knowing she has my back. Rebecca always makes herself available and I am thankful that she has helped me navigate this difficult process, even after the divorce is final.

Sarah L.

Rebecca provided excellent representation, attention to detail and true concern for my well-being while handling our divorce petition. I would highly recommend her representation to anyone who might ask me to refer them to a divorce attorney!

Thomas R.

Rebecca Guyette represented me for a very difficult post-decree case that lasted for quite a long time. Now that the case has been resolved, I can say that I think she represented me well and I have been very satisfied with her service. I don’t think there is any case that isn’t difficult and they all last longer than anyone would like. However, when your children are on the line, you have to work through the system to do what is best for them. Having an attorney like Ms. Guyette who knows the law, how to work with the courts, how to negotiate with opposing attorneys, and the various resources that are available outside the courts, is invaluable. You simply cannot do it yourself.

The divorce process can be incredibly intrusive, contentious and painful. Rebecca Guyette has been a great source of support and understanding. The experience and knowledge that Rebecca is able to draw from has been of great comfort as we have to navigate the options; her wise counsel has helped me focus on the important elements and let go of the trivial.

Donald H.

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